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Your local and reliable specialists for WiFi Installations, Networking and Data Cabling Services

Types Of Data Cabling We Install

The types of data cabling include Ethernet cables divided into various categories. The right choice of cabling for your home or workplace can depend on what data transmission speeds you hope to achieve, though you should expect the latest technology to also be the priciest. In holding a free consultation with you, we can help you to decide where to make the right trade-off.

Cat 5e

This kind of data cabling comprises eight copper wires formed into four pairs, and can facilitate internet connection speeds up to an impressive 1,000 Mbps.

Cat 6

Compared to previous models, this twisted pair cable sets higher specifications for crosstalk and system noise. It is also backwards compatible with Cat5 and Cat5e standards.

Cat 6e

This augmented specification of Cat6 – the “e” stands for “enhanced’ – has been built to significantly increase the frequency from 250MHz to 600MHz.

Cat 7

This cable standard is suitable for commercial, industrial, and educational sites, and capable of delivering frequencies as high as 600MHz on a 10 Gigabit network.

Cat 8

Cat8 is the latest classification for copper-based twisted pair cables, offers support for 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks and outclasses Cat7 in data transfer speed.

Fibre Optic

Through using light – rather than electrical pulses, this type of cabling can transmit data more reliably and over longer distances than copper cables.

Our WiFi Solutions

Once we have established your WiFi needs, we can select from the services below to put together a WiFi solution that ticks all of the relevant boxes. Unleash the true potential of your internet speeds with WiFi installation services London. Once you’ve upgraded your internet services to Fibre, it’s time to unleash its true potential with WiFi Installation Service London.

  • Tailored Wi-Fi solutions

  • We don’t deal in “quick fixes”

  • Quality over Cost-cutting

  • Long-term solutions

Home WiFi

Home WiFi systems with cabling and WiFi6 Access Points provide strong and seamless coverage throughout any home, extending from room and indoor to outdoor.

Point-to-Point WiFi

Point-to-Point WiFi systems provide a super-fast, reliable, and secure wireless bridge between one, two or more buildings that can be from 10 meters up to 15 meters apart.

Access Points

Enables you to roam your home or workplace while continuing to have reliable internet access at close hand. Install various models of wireless access points from respected brands.

Garden Office Wi-Fi

Garden office WiFi provide fast, reliable and secure WiFi with LAN ports to ensure you remain constantly online when working from home or on online streaming.

Starlink WiFi

Starlink WiFi is a very popular satellite broadband internet service available in the UK with a low latency of 25ms and speeds of 250-350MB. A greater choice for rural areas.

Guest WiFi Solutions

Don’t leave your guests suffering with technical issues having to ask for a password when they attempt to use your free WiFi. Implement a guest WiFi solution that serves you just as well as it does to customers.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor WiFi systems provide a wide area coverage with a robust, reliable, seamless and secure WiFi connection even when you are moving from indoors to outdoors.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi systems provide high-powered, fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi networks with the ability to manage, maintain and deploy products remotely via a cloud based portal.

Business WiFi

Fast and reliable WiFi is essential. Helps maintain your employees high rates of productivity and allows your clients and customers to get online as and when necessary while on your premises.

Enhance Your Network With Professional Home Wi-Fi Systems

Our team of Home WIFI service specialist are professional WIFI engineers who offer expert WiFi help. This can include more technical and more complex WiFi issues such as WiFi black spots, weak signals, WiFi signals to locations where WiFi was unavailable. Extending WiFi & internet to outdoor areas, garden offices, gardens, summer house, and sheds.

Have you experienced weak signals in your home? Let our Elite team of WiFi experts improve and amplify the coverage and range of your existing WiFi internet services. This can be achieved by installing necessary cables, network switches and access points in areas where the signals are the weakest, this will allow us to eliminate black spots and bad reception.


Wi-Fi Installations For Your Garden And Outbuilding

If you have a garden outbuilding, you may use it for many things. Like working from home, following online fitness classes or maybe just streaming music or films. However, these are all uses for which access to reliable WiFi can be imperative.

We know your home probably already has its own WiFi network, but you find that its signal doesn’t quite reach the outbuilding or even the garden and if it does it is weaker. Fortunately, you can still provide the area its very own access point. Our experts are skilled in implementing a wide range of online connectivity solutions for gardens and outbuildings. We could install a point-to-point link, a mesh network, a wireless access point (WAP) or a Cat6/6a ethernet cable from the property’s main router. This method is the fastest, most reliable, and most secure option for outbuildings.

Which of these solutions you choose will be influenced by various factors, including the outbuilding’s location and how you intend to use the WiFi. However don’t worry about potentially feeling daunted, as we can talk you through all the options when we carry out a site survey.

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How We Can Improve Your Garden Wi-Fi

Point-to Point-Installation

Here, we will mount one unit to the house which transmits a signal to another device attached to the garden outbuilding, providing it with WiFi access.

Wireless Mesh Setup

A mesh system is installed in your home can include a node pointing out towards your garden, thereby casting WiFi coverage there.

Wired WiFi AP Installation

Using an Ethernet cable, we can connect your router directly to the outbuilding, where the cable will terminate with a WiFi access point

Outdoor Wifi
Garden Office WIFI

Point-to-Point WiFi installations

Point-to-Point WiFi is an excellent option if you need to provide internet to a remote location like a garden office or even a studio. The broadcasting distance for Point-to-Point wireless can range from 10 meters to 12 miles depending on the scenario. In cases where cabling is impractical, Point-to-Point WiFi allows you to share your WiFi connection with a building or outbuilding that’s hundreds of meters away.

With every client, we provide a point-to-point solution carefully tailored to meet their specific needs. While our entry level building-to-building link might suffice for many clients, our highest-end solution is there for this needing the best muscle in the throughput department. We’re here for the long haul, so once we’ve designed and installed your point-to-point solution, we can fully support and maintain the structure for your firms wireless connectivity to keep it going.

Point-to-Point WiFi

Professional Starlink Installation

Starlink is a very effective internet and WiFi solution for rural working areas, such as farms, homes and businesses and can be used in the most remote locations, such as mountains, hills, motor homes, caravans and lodges. As long as there is 230V mains power to run. Starlink can work almost anywhere, even when roaming. Starlink internet can be distributed across any new or existing network very effectively. If you need help setting up a Starlink, extending coverage, distributing or combining with a new or different network then get in touch!


Expert Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi Installations

Our team of Ubiquiti Unifi installers have over 10 years of experience providing installation, servicing, and maintenance of the complete range of Ubiquiti Unifi products. For clients looking to enhance their WiFi system and optimise for Fibre to premises services, we recommend considering a Ubiquiti Unifi installation. Our trained specialists can effortlessly expand, enhance, and amplify the coverage and range of your current WiFi network. This is achieved by using the latest mapping software to determine optimal access point placement. This will then follow the installation of the necessary cabling, Unifi switches, and Unifi 6/7 access points in poor performing locations.

We offer a wide range of Unifi installations packages that include setup and configuration, materials and hardware, a 5-year installation guarantee. If you have already purchased your Ubiquiti Unifi hardware or network products and require professional installation or setup, our experts can assist further with the installation, setup and configuration and provide on-site or remote management via the Unifi Cloud Portal.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Access Point Installations

One major selling point of WiFi is how it would enable you to roam your home or workplace while continuing to have reliable internet access at close hand. That’s the dream anyways, in reality WiFi can too often be frustratingly slow and keep cutting out. What’s the problem? Often, it’s because you are moving too far from the router. Alternatively, too many devices connected to the network, straining its existing capacities as a result.

To resolve these problems, you can have us install a WiFi access point or perhaps more than one. Each access point will be a piece of hardware that acts as an additional portal for your local area network. We can install various models of wireless access points (WAP) from the respected Ubiquiti brand. Whether you want your WiFi extended to cover just one room, several floors of your building or something in between, we can implement the most suitable Ubiquiti WAP for your needs.

Access Points

Guest WiFi Solutions

You probably can’t remember the last time you visited a restaurant, bar or hotel that didn’t offer free WiFi for you, the everyday guest or customer. If you run a retail or hospitality business, you need to offer free WiFi likewise.

However, don’t make the mistake if simply setting up a basic domestic WiFi router. That can leave your WiFi insufficient for your customers to use, not to mention insecure. A modern dedicated solution in guest WiFi, you can significantly enhance customer experience. Don’t leave your guests suffering with technical problems or having to ask for a password when they attempt to use your free WiFi. Instead, arrange us to implement a guest WiFi solution that serves you just as well as it does the customer.

Guest WiFi Solutions.png
Guest WiFi Solutions

Commercial WiFi Solutions

In the modern-day corporate fast and reliable WiFi is essential. It helps maintain your employees’ high rates of productivity and allows your clients and customers to get online as and when necessary while on your premises. Fortunately, we offer a broad depth of business WiFi solutions to ensure that your workplace’s staff or guests never have to be left with faltering connectivity. We can install structured data cabling and set up a mesh network to provide strong WiFi coverage.


With all this clever technology in place your employees will be able to move around the office while continuing to use voice or video applications on their devices, and all this without workers needing to re-authenticate or the WiFi connection slowing or dropping altogether. We are experienced with implementing WiFi solutions, which we can set up to provide consistently strong WiFi connectivity right across the building, and certainly further than what would be possible with a traditional wired LAN (local area network).

Business WiFi
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