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We install CCTV throughout London & surrounding areas. With engineers across varies locations we can help you get the right CCTV system to suit your needs.

ALL Our CCTV Installations Feature The Following:

  • Expert installation engineers

  • Remote access on Phone, Tablets, PC & Mac

  • Where possible external tidy wiring and camera placement


Why Use Us For Your CCTV?

  • Expert CCTV advisors

  • Professional installers

  • Attention to detail

  • No compromise on quality

  • Full HD recording

  • 12 months warranty

CCTV Installation

We install CCTV throughout London & surrounding areas. With engineers across varies locations we can help you get the right CCTV system to suit your needs. Our engineers handle everything, from helping you select the right equipment, to ensuring wiring is hidden where possible and provide a truly professional service. If you choose an installation service from us, this will be handled by your local engineer, giving you the best level of service.

Our Services

  • Business CCTV - Design, Supply & Install
    From 1 to 100 cameras, we will build you a package to suit all your needs.

  • Home CCTV - Supply & Install
    We will protect your home with the latest CCTV equipment with full installation.

  • System takeover & Upgrades
    Can’t get hold original installer? Need a new service provider? We are happy to take over your existing system to make sure you have continuous support.

  • Maintenance & Repair
    Damaged or broken? Get our engineers to respond quickly and efficiently to repair your system.


If you’re serious about the security of your family or your business then taking the step to installing CCTV is one of the most important things you can ever do. Unlike many other security features that you can install, CCTV not only helps to prevent burglars, intruders and other unwelcome visitors to your property it can be of immense use in apprehending and prosecuting anyone who has tried to burgle your house. Our CCTV installation services stretch from supplying your with the CCTV system of your choice that fits both your need and budget through to installation and training on how to use your CCTV system to its full. You can rest assured that your property’s security is in the trustworthy hands of the experts.

The Benefits of Using Professional CCTV Installation Company like AZ Fire & Security

However much you spend on your CCTV system and whether you have gone for a cheap and cheerful analogue system to a hi-tech IP CCTV system that has all the latest bells and whistles, the fact is your CCTV system is only as good as its installation. Why spend all the money of getting the right CCTV system for your needs and then spoil it by trying to fit it yourself resulting in it not functioning as it should?

Our Professional CCTV installers will ensure that:

  • You have the right CCTV system for your needs, have the right cameras, recording and monitoring equipment and software. A professional CCTV technician will not install a system that they know is not suitable for your needs.

  • Cameras are as visible or as discreet as you want them. For some people, they want their CCTV cameras to be discreet and hard to see whereas most people what theirs to be highly visible. That is because the very presence of CCTV cameras will put off most burglars and any other potential intruders.

  • Cameras are positioned safely and are pointing in the right directions and at the right things. It is essential that your cameras are covering the areas that you need covered and there are no blind spots or bad reflections. Our technicians will ensure that this is the case.

  • Your budget is adhered to and you get the best CCTV installation money can by. Az Fire & Security installers will give you the very finest service regardless of how much you have spent on your CCTV system and whatever type you have chosen.

  • You’re viewing and storage options are all set up correctly and you have the knowledge and skills to use them effectively and to their maximum capacity.


The best CCTV system is no good if you cannot use it!


What Is The Cost Of A CCTV Installation?

CCTV is a product that is not one size fits all. Different properties will require different amounts of cameras and there are a host of options in terms of cameras and other components. Therefore it is very difficult to give a general figure of how much it costs to install CCTV. Some of the variable include:

  • Our Professional CCTV installers will ensure that:

  • What type of cameras are to be used? Analogue, IP, HD, PTZ?

  • How many cameras are to be used?

  • Where are these cameras to be placed?

  • Will installation require special equipment for difficult to access places?

  • What type of storage options do you want?

  • What type of monitoring options do you want?

  • Wired or wireless CCTV system?


These are just some of the variables that can affect the cost of having a CCTV system fitted. To get a better idea it is best to ask for a free CCTV survey where full costs can be discussed and a budget worked and adhered to. Don’t take the risk of installing CCTV yourself. Call in professional installation experts and have us advise you on the best CCTV system for your needs – safely, securely and with care, ensuring it is fully working and taking care of you, your family and your property.

How To Install A CCTV System

Thinking about installing a CCTV system yourself? If you’re looking to save money and are reasonably technical then it can be done. However, if not it’s almost certainly better to get a professional to do it. Read our short guide below to help you with your choice.


The most important step in installing any CCTV system is the planning stage. You need to ask yourself several questions such as:

  • Why do I need CCTV? – There could be a host of reasons such as crime prevention or general security monitoring.

  • What do I want out of it? If you just want crime prevention for example, monitoring and storage may not be as important to you if you want to use your footage to press for prosecutions.

  •  What sort of cameras will best suit my needs? From bullet cameras and IP cameras to pan/tilt and zoom cameras and dome cameras, there are a host of options to choose from.

  • What storage/viewing options do I require?

  • What is my budget? There are lots of CCTV systems on the market, so getting one that fits your needs and is within your budget is crucial.

  • Where are my cameras going to be fitted for maximum effectiveness?


Physical Installation

Once you have the perfect CCTV system, it is time to install it. There are basically two dimensions of this, the wiring and the camera mounting. A CCTV system is only as good as its weakest component so don’t be tempted on trying to save money on the wiring. Keep cable lengths below 400 for and get the best that you can afford to buy. Siamese cables are very popular thanks to the fact they look neater because you only need one line for each camera and always remember to leave a couple of extra loops of cable at both ends, this will assist you greatly should you need to move the camera slightly at some point in the future.

Mounting the cameras is relatively straightforward as most cameras come with brackets and the correct mountings to ensure that they are fitted correctly. Once you have mounted them, simply position them in the position you want.

Connecting A Monitoring And Storage Device

The final stage is the easiest, especially if it’s cold outside! You will almost certainly get full installation instructions with your storage and monitoring devices and like any pieces of electrical equipment it is important that you follow these to the letter. Connecting your cameras to the storage and monitoring devices is reasonably straightforward if you have a good technical background.


Fitting CCTV can be done yourself if you have the right equipment and are technically minded. However, as CCTV systems are only as good as their installation, it is often much cheaper and cost effective in the long run to have your CCTV fitted by a professional installer.

How Long Does It Take To Install A CCTV System?

If you’re thinking about having CCTV installed then you may well be wondering about how long it will take to get it installed. The good news is that CCTV can be installed relatively quickly. However, this does depend upon how many cameras you are having installed, the size of the building involved and whether there are any accessibility issues. All of these can increase the time scale but usually not by much. For the average property in the UK, it usually takes between 4 hours and 1.5 days to fit a CCTV system taking into account all of the issues above. For commercial properties it is more difficult to put a timescale on because they can range from small retail premises which can be done quickly to large commercial and industrial premises that can take a little longer.

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